Do You Eclipse Your Own Light?

Release unforgiveness from your gravitational field so you can shine

Just as the moon blocks your view of the sun during a solar eclipse, is it possible that dark thoughts about yourself block your ability to see the Light you are?

When you beat up on yourself, it’s because you feel like you are your mistake … your disappointment … your failure to take action … your wrong choice.

However convincing the pain of “I screwed up” may feel, you can never be anything other than Light Itself because that is who you really are.

So if you’ve been eclipsing your Light with blame, shame, accusation, guilt, or unforgiveness of any kind … would you be willing to let go of those heavy energies now, so you can see your True Self more clearly?

If so, please say “Yes” out loud now or in your heart …

And imagine the dark matter you’ve been focusing on begin to dissolve into the Light.

Eclipse by-laura-skinner-348001Sense the Light illuminating every corner of your body … and notice how weightless you feel. How free you feel. How your heart lights up with Love.

Very good. You are amazing!

Know yourself as Light now … and get on with your day, darling.

You are loved.

If you have thoughts to share, please put them in the comment box below. Thank you!

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Author: Moira Shepard

International Abundance Expert Moira Shepard has dedicated her life to freeing coaches, counselors, entrepreneurs, healers, leaders, lightworkers, speakers and visionaries from the shackles of self-doubt, so they can share their gifts in a way that creates abundance for themselves as well as others.

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