Reason #2 Why It’s Hard to Find Your Passion

Too much loss can make you lose faith in life, making finding your passion seem pointless

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It can be hard to find your passion if you have little or no faith in life.

If doubt and disbelief arise when you think about finding and pursuing a passion, chances are you feel too betrayed by life to risk taking a chance one more time.

It’s not your fault

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If you’re like most people, you have experienced loss and suffering time and time again.

To avoid further disappointment, you gave up hoping for anything better.

Closing the door on hope is a normal self-protective practice – until it shrivels your soul and you trudge through your days with nothing fun or good to look forward to.

So, if you can’t find your passion, it may be because you’re afraid to believe again – which is understandable, given your past experiences.

Yet, without passion … without a joyful reason to get up in the morning … you are only going through the motions of living. You are half alive.

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Here’s the bottom line

If you want to find your passion, you need to find a reason to believe again.

If you’re like most people, you feel betrayed by life because things haven’t always gone your way – therefore, you cannot trust life.

This line of reasoning only proves the shortcomings of logic, because it overlooks the bigger picture:

Life is a dynamic process, always on the move. Our planet hurtles through space at more than 500,000 miles per hour.

To expect that life will always go in the direction you want is to invite disappointment.

Instead of declaring life to be bad and wrong because it hasn’t followed your game plan, consider revising your game plan to include faith that whatever happens, you will handle it somehow.

It stands to reason because you’ve handled everything life has brought you, so far. The fact that you are breathing in and out proves that you are strong and smart and brave and lucky, for many people have not lived to see the age you are right now.

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Would you like to feel loved and supported by Life now, and going forward?

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Notice how you feel.

Good job! Thank you!

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Would you like to find your passion, so you can enjoy more fun and freedom in your life?

It can be hard to step out of the prison of self-protective doubt and disbelief all by yourself.

The good news is, you don’t have to.

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In our 30-minute guided meditation, you will:

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  • Connect with the gifts your soul came here to share, so your life takes on greater depth and meaning

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, my dear friend.

May this day bring you many delightful surprises!



Author: Moira Shepard

International Abundance Expert Moira Shepard has dedicated her life to freeing coaches, counselors, entrepreneurs, healers, leaders, lightworkers, speakers and visionaries from the shackles of self-doubt, so they can share their gifts in a way that creates abundance for themselves as well as others.

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