Cool way to brainstorm your marketing!

If you would rather have a root canal than market your biz, check this out.

If you’re like most new or accidental entrepreneurs, marketing is one of your biggest challenges. It has to be done, but even if you know where to begin, you’d rather have a root canal, right?

Help is here

Diane A. Curran offers some fabulous, fun and creative tools for dreaming up marketing ideas –  her book/card deck/playbook trilogy, “The Marketing Deck.”

I love the combination of marketing savvy and soul intuition! It makes marketing more fun than I imagined possible.

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You never know what creative ideas could pop up for your own biz when you watch … Enjoy!

FB live DianeACurran with Moira Shepard cascade

If you’d like to try out Diane’s “Marketing Deck” for yourself, you’ll find it here.

Full disclosure: I’m one of Diane’s fans, not an affiliate … who just wants to make it easy for you to find this fun and easy marketing resource.

Happy marketing, my friend!