Awaken to Your Greatness

Let inspiration work its magic on you

The radio wakes me up one morning with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” As I lie in bed, tears of gratitude well up as I drink in this mesmerizing melody.

The gratitude sharpens my awareness of how amazing it is that a composition written in Vienna in 1801 came to be played in Los Angeles in 2018.

So much of the past has vanished into history’s mists, as far beyond the reach of memory as the dinosaurs.

Why does the “Moonlight Sonata” live on, when so many other sonatas have been written and forgotten since then? writing-1043622_1280

How it got handed down to us 

There were no recording devices in 1801. No copying machines. No printers.

Every copy of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14, later named “Moonlight Sonata,” had to be painstakingly written out by hand.

Then, it had to be passed on to musicians, arrangers, and conductors so it could be played in concert halls, royal courts and fancy parties, before finding its way to private homes, public universities and, eventually, YouTube.

Why go to so much trouble over a little “Moonlight”?

moonlight ales-krivec-36006

Majestic music stirs our souls, awakening divine qualities like Greatness in response to the divinity embedded in the song.

The quality of the “Moonlight Sonata” is such that when people hear it, it enters their souls … and they feel this immortal song must be shared, so more hearts can be touched by it.

Over the centuries, there’s no telling how many people this melody has affected, by directly or indirectly inspiring romances, marriage proposals, novels, inventions, paintings, poems, healing touch and heartfelt prayers.

Ballet dancer by-hudson-hintze-268381

The power of inspiration

When we feel, hear, or see Greatness, it awakens that quality within us.

We all have the capacity for Greatness.

Inspiration ignites it.

When we allow our Greatness to come out and play, it inspires others to express their genius, as well.

What lights you up?

Whatever inspires you … consider doing it more often.

Let inspiration work its magic on you.

The world needs your gifts. That is why your abilities and talents were given to you; to be shared.

True, it takes courage to share yourself.

Courage deserves appreciation, so …

In gratitude Beethoven

Thank you, Ludwig van Beethoven, for ignoring those who told you that you would never make a penny as a composer.

Thank you for listening to the music inside you that demanded to be expressed so others could hear it. Bless you, for bringing forth the songs your soul sang to you.

Thank you to all the individuals who listened to “Moonlight Sonata” and thought, “Others must hear this,” and made it so.

Thank you to KUSC-FM, which wakes me up every morning with music that makes my heart rejoice.

And thank you, dear reader, for being who you are and doing what you do.

No one can express your unique, precious and irreplaceable gifts better than you.

That is your Greatness. Let it shine forth to bless us all.

Light by-julia-caesar-24934


Click here to listen to “Moonlight Sonata”



Up, Up and Away

What makes your heart soar?

Young Derek loves Superman comics, movies and TV shows. He’s so crazy about the Man of Steel, he wants to BE Superman.

One of Superman’s coolest powers is that he can fly … so Derek decides he will fly, too.

Superhero by-ben-white-124388

He climbs up on the roof, secures his Superman cape (one of Mom’s faded gym towels) and dives into the air, aiming for the big oak tree across the street.

He plops into the hydrangea bush just below his jumping-off point.

Derek’s mother, Susan, glimpses his plunge from the window in her home office. She jumps up and runs into the yard at warp speed to check on her boy.

Susan finds Derek cradled in the bush, more shaken than hurt.

“Honey, what happened? You’re bleeding!”

“I’m the Man of Steel, Mom,” Derek explains. “What’s the big deal about a few scratches? Get me out of here so I can try it again.”

Superman by-esteban-lopez-482093

“Forget it, kiddo. I thought a young man of 7 would have more sense than to jump off a roof, but I guess not.”

Susan checks Derek for bruises and finds none. She extracts him from the bush and sends him into the house to wash, breathing deeply to keep herself from screaming at her son.

“It’s a time-out for you, after you clean up. I want you to think about what you’ve done.”

Moments later, sitting in a corner facing the wall, Derek tries to figure out what went wrong, using one of his real-life superpowers – intelligence.


“Why didn’t I fly?”

“Is it because I’m a loser, like Tommy said the other day when he beat me up and took my lunch money? No, that’s not it. Tommy is a bully. He’s the loser, not me.

“Is it because I don’t deserve to fly? I don’t see a connection there. What does being deserving have to do with being able to fly?

“Is it because I forgot something? I had everything … no. Wait. I forgot Superman is from Krypton. That’s why he can fly. And I’m from Earth … so … I guess I can’t fly, after all.

“But I want to fly more than anything. I can see myself flying, in my mind. It’s so clear. If I could just draw it, maybe I could …”

“Okay, Derek, time’s up! Did you think about what you did?”

“Yeah, Mom. Do we have anything to draw with, around here?”

crayons by-aaron-burden-60068

Fast-forward 15 years

Derek sits beaming at his booth at Comic-Con, where hundreds of fans have lined up to meet him – the   world-famous creator of “Dynamic Derek – Boy Genius” comics.


Much as he loves creating superheroes for DC Comics, his biggest thrill comes from seeing all the boys and girls who love Dynamic Derek.

Knowing he’s inspired them fills Derek with awe and gratitude. It makes his heart soar higher than Superman ever thought of flying.


Would you like to be like Derek …

Setting aside limiting beliefs like “I’m a loser” or “I’m not worthy,” so you can focus on doing what makes your heart soar?

It can be hard to get out of your own way all by yourself.

The good news is, you don’t have to.


Come and join this month’s FREE “Fresh Start Healing Circle” to get support in moving forward with clarity and confidence.

In our 30-minute guided meditation, you will:

  • Gently release regrets about the past, while deepening the wisdom you’ve gained
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  • Strengthen your self-confidence so you can trust yourself to make good choices as you move forward

Sign up now to get:

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Hope to see you there, my dear!

In the meantime, may the New Year bring all you desire – and more! You deserve it.

What makes your heart soar? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. Thank you!


Video: 5 Ways to Dodge Debt Over the Holidays

If you tend to overspend on the holidays, check this out.


Video: 6 Ways to Sidestep Holiday Fatigue

Feeling too pooped out to party? Check this out!

If you were tired going into the holiday season, you may be running on fumes right now.

You are not alone.

Help is here:

If you want more support to survive the holidays, check this out.

In the meantime, wishing you a joyful holiday season, however you spend it.

Much love and many blessings to you!

5 Ways to Dodge Debt Over the Holidays

Try these tips if you’re dreading the mountain of holiday debt you’ll have to climb next month.

Here’s the bottom line:

No one is going to take you by the hand and say, “Hey, you’re spending more than you can afford. Are you sure you want to do this?”

So, if you want to avoid a hangover of holiday debt in January, it pays to pause for a moment before buying into beliefs like: “I have to buy these gifts, even though I can’t afford them.”

Gifts by-andrew-neel-48762

If in doubt, remember this: You are allowed to consider your financial well-being when making out your holiday gift list. Your needs matter just as much as the needs of your loved ones.

Try these 5 tips if you’re dreading the mountain of holiday debt you’ll have to climb next month.

  1. Step back from sacrifice

If you’re low on cash, reconsider giving expensive gifts to those you love. 

Anyone who truly loves you would never dream of asking you to give up necessities so they can have luxuries. Only people who are out for themselves would do that.

Would you like your Higher Power to show you all the other ways to show your love besides financial self-sacrifice?

If so, please say “Yes” out loud now.

Imagine light shining from the center of your heart. Let it beam up into your brain and fill it with ideas for showing love to your loved ones.

Note down any ideas that come up. Make those ideas the basis of your gift list.

List by-pan-xiaozhen-423533

2. Bail on bribery

If your bankroll is getting small, reconsider giving lavish gifts to those whose love or approval you are trying to win.

Love and approval that can be bought rarely lasts. The debt you accrue will hang on, piling up interest, until it’s paid.

Would you like your Higher Power to show you all the other ways to gain love and approval besides trying to buy it?

If so, please say “Yes” out loud now.

Picture light coming down through the top of your head and filling every cell of your body with warm, loving illumination.

Light by-julia-caesar-24934

Note down any ideas that come to mind. Keep them handy.

3. Lift the burden

If your loved ones are struggling financially, like you, consider suggesting everyone can exchange greeting cards instead of gifts.

Imagine the rejoicing if you let your loved ones off the hook from having to spend money they haven’t got. What a priceless gift!

Would you like your Higher Power to show you all the ways to have a wonderful holiday besides overspending?

If so, please say “Yes” out loud now.

Breathe in pure white light. If you don’t know how, just pretend you’re breathing in white light.

Breathe out white light, allowing it to carry away all your woes and worries. Imagine them floating away, like balloons soaring into the sky.

balloons by-luca-upper-97759

Picture the worries being replaced by whatever you want and need most. Sense your muscles relaxing into allowing your needs to be met now.

4. Keep it simple

If you feel you must give something, consider giving simple gifts like these:

Make gifts by hand: Bake sugar cookies and decorate them. Knit a scarf. Make chocolates, scrapbooks, tamales, candles, gingerbread houses, latkes … use your imagination.

Give of yourself: Offer to clean out a closet, organize a junk drawer, catch up over lunch, set up a smartphone … notice what needs to be done, and offer to do it.

Donate: Give money to your loved ones’ favorite charity: Red Cross, cancer research, animal shelter – whatever cause is close to their heart. You will spread love and light to all those touched by your generosity, even if it’s just a few dollars. You never know what will make a difference.

Puppy by-chris-becker-389167

5. Reconnect with the Spirit of the Season

Whatever you give, give it with love.

As you fill out your cards, place each card between your hands and bless it. Bless the one who will receive it. The recipient will feel your love, and that is the greatest gift of all.

As you wrap your gifts, take each present in your hands and bless it. Bless the one who will receive it. The person you give it to will feel your love, and both of you will be blessed.

Gift by-roberto-nickson-85119


I hope you find these tips helpful, my dear! If so, would you kindly share them with your friends? Thank you!

We’ll see you next week with some tips to help you handle feelings of grief and loss that feel sharper during the holidays.

Get More Help Surviving the Holidays at

In the meantime …

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!


Video: How to Super-Size Your Stress Over the Holidays

You may be making your holiday stress worse, without realizing it. Watch this to find out how to ease up on yourself.

If the holidays stress you out, you are not alone.

Help is here:

If you want more support to survive the holidays, check this out.

In the meantime, wishing you a joyful holiday season, however you spend it.

Much love and many blessings to you!

6 Ways to Sidestep Holiday Fatigue

If the holidays drain your energy, check out these tips.

Hi there!

Here’s the bottom line:

No one is going to take you by the hand and say, “Hey, you’re overdoing it. Take a break, will you?”

So, if you want to avoid keeling over from exhaustion, you need to add breaks to your day. Every day.

If in doubt, remember this: You are allowed to protect and hold sacred your precious personal time and energy.

Try these 6 tips if you’re too wrapped up in your holiday to-do list to relax.

Body by-mari-lezhava-2656471) Pay Attention to Your Body

If you’re thirsty, drink some water.

If you’re hungry, eat something nourishing.

If you’re tired, take time to rest.

2) Take Time to Breathe

Slowly breathe in peace.

Slowly breathe out chaos.

If you don’t know how to do that, just imagine that you’re breathing in peace and breathing out chaos. Repeat 3 times. Do as often as needed.

Writing by-cathryn-lavery-678523) List Tasks You Must Do, in order of importance and urgency.

Do each task mindfully, giving it your entire attention until it’s finished. Focusing on one thing at a time reduces brain fatigue.

4) List Tasks You Can Delegate

Hand off those tasks to others, and hand them off completely. Avoid micromanaging your helpers.

Let them do things their way. The results may delight you.

5) List Tasks You’re Not Sure Are Necessary

Skip doing those tasks and see what happens this time. If anyone notices, smile and shrug – “Hey, I ran out of time. How about if you do it next year?”

Yoga by-emily-sea-1986896) Schedule Breaks

If you’re one of those people who only gets something done if it’s on your calendar – add breaks to your calendar, and take them.

Set a timer during your break so you don’t need to watch the clock. It will help you relax more fully in the time allotted.



Walk in nature.


Bonus Tip

Reconnect with the spirit of the season

In many faith traditions, this time of year celebrates the miracle of light coming forth during the darkest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Whether you honor that light as a person, an earthly event, or a happening in the heavens – that light dwells within you, as well.

If you look for that light, you will find it, because nothing can extinguish it. It is eternal and unchanging.

And so the light in me bows to the light in you. Blessed be.


I hope you find these tips helpful, my friend! If so, would you kindly share it with your friends? Thank you!

We’ll see you next week with some tips to help you avoid drowning in holiday debt.

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In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours!